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Contribute code samples for accessible apps

November 1, 2023

The Appt Foundation is looking for help! Do you have experience developing accessible apps? You can help us out, because we want to expand our open-source code samples.

What is our goal?

The Appt Foundation is a non-profit foundation, and our mission is to make apps accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities. We share free knowledge and open-source code to achieve this goal.

In the world, there are over 1 billion people with disabilities. These individuals may be low-literate, deaf or hard of hearing, have motor impairments, dyslexia, visual impairments, or be blind, and they may have mild intellectual disabilities. It's essential that they also have equal access to apps.

Our ambition is to provide code examples for popular frameworks/programming languages used in app development. This will make it easier for app developers to make their apps accessible to everyone.

How can you help us?

In our 'Accessibility code samples' repository, we currently have approximately 250 code examples for 5 frameworks:

  1. Android

  2. iOS

  3. Flutter

  4. React Native

  5. Xamarin

If you have developed an accessible app using a different framework, we invite you to share your code samples with us.

Popular frameworks for which we do not yet have code samples include:

  • Jetpack Compose

  • SwiftUI


  • Cordova

  • Unity

Code samples for other frameworks are also very welcome.

How does it work?

The README in the Github repository provides detailed instructions on how to contribute.

In brief: code samples are organized into folders by technique. Each folder contains its own README file explaining the purpose of the technique. If you've used this technique within your framework, create a new Markdown file with an explanation and a code sample.

We review the code examples. Once approved, they become available on

Some techniques are used more frequently than others. The most impactful of these are:

  1. Accessibility label

  2. Accessibility name

  3. Accessibility role

  4. Accessibility value

  5. Accessibility state

  6. Accessibility grouping

  7. Accessibility order

  8. Accessibility announcement

  9. Text scaling

  10. Video captions

With these code examples, up to 85% of accessibility issues in apps can be resolved!

Will you help us make apps more accessible?

When you contribute, your name will be visible in the commit history for each code sample. In the future, we will use this to show authors next to the code samples on our website.


Let us know!