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Q42 builds digital products that make people's lives smarter, better and more fun.

As a creator of apps for, among others, Philips Hue, PostNL, Rijksmuseum and Lightyear, the end user is central to us. And so is accessibility.

But which accessibility settings Dutch people actually use on their phones? To answer that question, we started a quantitative study into activated accessibility features in apps we develop. The motivation for this research was to prove that accessibility of digital products is much more important than many people assume. And it shows in the results.

An open source library (a small piece of software) has been added to various apps in consultation with clients to check which accessibility options users have activated. No personal data is collected or processed here. In the processing no data is collected or generated that can be traced back to a person. The data collected is generic properties and settings of mobile devices.

Want to collect your own data on the use of accessibility features in your app? In the article Gather your own accessibility data, we explain how to do this.

You can also incorporate all the numbers from this site into your own story or presentation. Download the most recent numbers in a format of your choice.

If you have any questions or want to know more about this, please contact Johan Huijkman of Q42:

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