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Input keyboard type on Android

Setting the keyboard type for input fields helps user entering data. For example, if users need to enter a number, it helps to show a numeric keyboard. If users need to enter an e-mail address, it helps if the at-key (@) is shown. You should always set an appropriate keyboard type.

On Android, you can set a keyboard type by using the android:inputType property. You can combine values with each other.

The following constants are defined:

  • date: for entering a date

  • datetime: for entering a date and time

  • none: to disable input

  • number: for entering a number

  • numberDecimal: for entering decimal numbers

  • numberPassword: for entering a numeric password

  • numberSigned: for entering a positive or negative number

  • phone: for entering a telephone number

  • text: for entering normal text

  • textAutoComplete: to enable automatic completion

  • textAutoCorrect: to enable automatic correction

  • textCapCharacters: to automatically convert characters to uppercase

  • textCapSentences: to automatically capitalize sentences

  • textCapWords: to automatically capitalize words

  • textEmailAddress: for entering an email address

  • textEmailSubject: for entering the subject of an email

  • textFilter: for entering text to filter with

  • textImeMultiLine: to force entering multiple lines of text

  • textLongMessage: for entering a long message

  • textMultiLine: for entering multiple lines of text

  • textNoSuggestions: to disable suggestions

  • textPassword: for entering a password

  • textPersonName: for entering a name

  • textPhonetic: for entering phonetic text

  • textPostalAddress: for entering a postal address

  • textShortMessage: for entering a short message

  • textUri: for entering a URL

  • textVisiblePassword: for entering a visible password

  • textWebEditText: for entering text in a web form

  • textWebEmailAddress: for entering an email address in a web form

  • textWebPassword: for entering a password in a web form

  • time: for entering a time

Example of using inputType:

    android:inputType="text|textMultiLine|textCapSentences" />


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