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Accessibility documentation

Each platform provides different features to make an app more accessible. We've written code samples for multiple platforms. In addition, we have written guides on the available accessibility features. If you don't know where to begin, start with our Accessible App Starter Guide.

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  • Android logoAndroid logo

    Android accessibility

    Android has an accessibility layer that helps users to navigate their Android devices more easily. By integrating accessibility features, you can improve your app's usability, particularly for users with disabilities.

    Learn about Android accessibility
  • Jetpack Compose logoJetpack Compose logo

    Jetpack Compose accessibility

    Jetpack Compose offers accessible building blocks to create inclusive interfaces. Key concepts like semantics, traversal and accessibility actions enhance usability for everyone.

    Learn about Jetpack Compose accessibility
  • iOS logoiOS logo

    iOS accessibility

    iOS has built-in accessibility features, accessibility APIs, and developer tools which provide an extraordinary opportunity to deliver a superior mobile experience to every user, including those with disabilities.

    Learn about iOS accessibility
  • SwiftUI logoSwiftUI logo

    SwiftUI accessibility

    SwiftUI automatically provides accessibility support for common elements. Developers can use SwiftUI's view modifiers to enhance and customize accessibility.

    Learn about SwiftUI accessibility
  • Flutter logoFlutter logo

    Flutter accessibility

    Flutter is committed to supporting developers in making their apps more accessible. It has built-in support for accessibility features provided by the underlying operating system.

    Learn about Flutter accessibility
  • React Native logoReact Native logo

    React Native accessibility

    React Native has accessibility APIs which let your app accommodate all users. You can integrate apps with assistive technologies like the screen readers VoiceOver and TalkBack.

    Learn about React Native accessibility
  • .NET MAUI logo.NET MAUI logo

    .NET MAUI accessibility

    .NET MAUI has built-in semantics for accessibility and includes support for accessibility features, allowing developers to build inclusive apps.

    Learn about .NET MAUI accessibility
  • Xamarin logoXamarin logo

    Xamarin accessibility

    Xamarin has features to create apps which work well with accessibility features such as large type, high contrast, zoom in, screen reading, visual or haptic feedback cues, and alternative input methods.

    Learn about Xamarin accessibility