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Success Criterion 3.2.4 - Level AA

Consistent Identification

Ensure icons always have the same function. For example, only use a magnifying glass icon to search, and not to enlarge. This makes it clear to users which function they can expect from this icon.


  • Consistent use of icons makes it easier for everyone to learn what function each icon has

  • People with learning disabilities can use the app more easily if icons are used in the same ways.


“Do icons have the same function everywhere?”

This can be tested without assistive technologies.

Note: this success criterion is exempt for apps in EN 301 549 and Section 508.


Use consistent identification

In Android, you should create custom Views to re-use functionality on multiple screens.

When using icons, use the search function of your IDE to check all instances. The icon should have the same accessibility label on each screen, and the functionality should also be the same.

For example, when using a cross icon for closing a screen, make sure the label is 'Close' on all screens, and check that it always closes a screen.

In Android Studio, you can use the Find Usages option to check if resources are used on multiple screens. Go to your drawable folder, right click and select the Find Usages option. You can also use the shortcut Option + F7 on Mac, or Alt + F7 on Windows.

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