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Getting to know your users

Accessibility, in short, is making sure everyone can use your app regardless of disability, situation, preferences or dependency. This starts with making yourself aware that people use and experience your app in a very different way than you yourself are used to. Many people adapt their phones to better suit their needs. Our research into which accessibility features people use shows this. We interviewed some of them. They explain which settings they have activated on their phones. This will help you get an idea of what accessibility means and what you need to consider when developing an app.

Photo Jesse

How many hours a day I use my phone? How many hours do you use your eyes?


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I try to reduce overstimulation on my mobile phone.


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Photo Darice

I’m not disabled, the world disables me.


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Photo Onno

Accessibility features could also be aesthetically pleasing.


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Jeroen - Asset

My iPhone is my third eye.


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Picture of Edith

Resizing texts is a necessity for me.


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