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My iPhone is my third eye

Since 1992, Jeroen (1974) has had a visual impairment caused by a brain tumor. He has 5% vision with his left eye and 2% with his right eye. So he sees almost nothing. There are also two separate images on the left and right. Jeroen's profession is a sports masseur, and as a hobby he models sculptures with balloons. He also gives workshops to children. The mobile devices he uses are an iPhone 13 Pro, an iPad and an Apple Watch.

Photo Jeroen van der Linden

What accessibility features have you set up on your phone?

My iPhone is my third eye. It has a magnification program that I use. Other accessibility features I use are VoiceOver and speech. I can do anything with voice without reaching for my phone. Voice-over is always on and is really necessary for me.

I use Earpods almost all the time, so I hear everything that comes in on my phone. Most of the time I use just one, because I also want to listen to the environment.

I've set the home button as a menu choice between zoom, inverted colors, VoiceOver, and magnifying glass. Sometimes I turn inverted colors on when there is a lot of light or with a reflective screen. Then the contract is better in terms of text and I can just see it.


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