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Input keyboard type on React Native

Setting the keyboard type for input fields helps user entering data. For example, if users need to enter a number, it helps to show a numeric keyboard. If users need to enter an e-mail address, it helps if the at-key (@) is shown. You should always set an appropriate keyboard type.

In React Native, you can set a keyboard type by using the keyboardType property.

The following values work across platforms:

  • default

  • number-pad

  • decimal-pad

  • numeric

  • email-address

  • phone-pad

  • url

The following values work on iOS only:

  • ascii-capable

  • numbers-and-punctuation

  • name-phone-pad

  • twitter

  • web-search

The following values work on Android only:

  • visible-password

<TextInput keyboardType="email-address" />


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