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Success Criterion 1.1.1 - Level A

Non-text Content

Ensure that alternative text is available for all non-text content. This includes images, icons and graphs. Describe the meaning of this content. Blind people use their screen reader to read out this description. Alternative text can also be useful for anyone who is unsure about the meaning of non-text content.


  • Alternative text can help anyone understand the meaning of icons, photos, and other images.

  • People with a visual impairment can use their screen reader to read what is being shown.

  • People who are deafblind can read the content in braille.


"Is alternative text available for all non-text content?”

You can use the screen reader or voice control to check alternative text.

Exception: It is not necessary to provide alternative text for decorative images. In this case, you should also make sure that assistive technologies cannot focus on the image.


Set accessibility label

Disable accessibility focus