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Visual impairments

Visually impaired users experience the most problems using apps that are not adapted for them.

Blind users usually cannot use apps without adjustments. An app is not accessible to blind users until it has built-in support for a screen reader. With a screen reader, you can hear what's on the screen. You can navigate through apps using special gestures.

Visually impaired users benefit from good contrast and the ability to enlarge the interface. By default, these options are built into phones. However, third party apps often do not support this.

In addition, there are users with colour blindness, which can also make it more difficult to operate an app. By default it is possible to invert colours and set colour filters. Again, unfortunately, not all apps handle these settings properly.

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How many hours a day I use my phone? How many hours do you use your eyes?


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Accessibility features could also be aesthetically pleasing.


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