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Success Criterion 1.3.2 - Level A

Meaningful Sequence

Ensure that the order which assistive technologies follow reflect the meaning of the content. Otherwise, users of assistive technology may misunderstand the content. Most content is presented from left to right, from top to bottom. The information should also be presented to users of assistive technologies in this way.


The content should be presented to assistive technologies in a meaningful way. This allows users of voice control, keyboard control, switch control and the screen reader to present the content a meaningful way.


Is the order of elements clear for users of assistive technologies?”

You can use a screen reader of keyboard access to check the order of elements.


Set accessibility order

On Android, you can set the accessibility order in XML, or modify the accessibility order in code. You can use the android:accessibilityTraversalAfter and android:accessibilityTraversalBefore properties in XML. Or you can use the setAccessibilityTraversalBefore and setAccessibilityTraversalAfter methods in code.




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