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Success Criterion 2.1.4 - Level A

Character Key Shortcuts

Ensure that shortcuts cannot be accidentally activated when using assistive technologies. Many assistive technologies emulate keystrokes to perform actions. Users might accidentally activate shortcuts. Make it possible to change or disable shortcuts.


  • When your app uses the same shortcuts as assistive technologies, unwanted actions could be activated.

  • It is nice for users if they can customize the key combinations for shortcuts.


“Does the app use single keys for shortcuts?“

This can be tested using keyboard access.


Use multiple keys for shortcuts

On Android, you can use the dispatchKeyEvent and onKeyUp methods to activate shortcuts. Both methods give you a reference to a KeyEvent object. Use the isShiftPressed or isCtrlPressed method to make sure that shortcuts are not activated by accident.

override fun onKeyUp(keyCode: Int, event: KeyEvent): Boolean {
    return when (keyCode) {
        KeyEvent.KEYCODE_F -> {
            if (event.isCtrlPressed) {
        else -> super.onKeyUp(keyCode, event)

private fun find() {
    // Logic



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