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Success Criterion 2.5.1 - Level A

Pointer Gestures

Ensure an alternative is provided for all gesture-triggered actions. People with a motor disability cannot perform all gestures. For example, not everyone is able to move two fingers apart to zoom. Add an alternative, such as a button, to allow users to zoom in without gestures.


  • It can be difficult for people with a motor disability to make swipe gestures. Make sure that swiping is not necessary to reach all information.

  • It can be difficult for people with a motor disability to use multiple fingers. By offering an alternative, they can use the same functionality.


Is an alternative available for gesture-triggered actions?

This can be tested without assistive technologies.


Provide alternatives for gestures

On Android, the GestureDetector and OnGestureListener objects are a common way to detect gestures.

A gesture should not be the only way to trigger actions. Make sure to provide a second way, such as a button, to trigger the same action.

val scaleGestureDetector = ScaleGestureDetector(
    object : ScaleGestureDetector.SimpleOnScaleGestureListener() {
        override fun onScale(detector: ScaleGestureDetector): Boolean {
            // Provide alternative
            return super.onScale(detector)

view.setOnTouchListener { _, event ->



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