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Success Criterion 2.5.3 - Level A

Label in Name

Ensure the technical name of elements contain the visual name. A button with the text 'Log in' must be able to be activated by voice control via this name. This is not possible if the technical name is different. For visually impaired people using a screen reader, it is also confusing when they hear a different name compared to what they see on the screen.


  • With voice control, the visual name is used to activate a button. This only works if the technical name matches.

  • For visually impaired people using the screen reader, matching labels can improve ease of use.


“Is the visual name a part of the technical name for all elements on the screen?"

This can be tested with the screen reader or voice control.


Set accessibility name

On Android, the contentDescription property is used as accessibility name.

element.contentDescription = "Appt"



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