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Success Criterion 3.1.1 - Level A

Language of Page

Ensure the language is set for all content. A screen reader reads all text that appears on the screen. The pronunciation of the words depends on the language that has been set. When the language is not set, or a wrong language is set, the pronunciation is unclear. A correctly set language also helps to display letters and to display subtitles.


  • Screen reader users can have text read in the correct language.

  • Letters can be displayed better when the language is known.


“Has the language of the screen been set correctly?“

This can be tested with a screen reader.


Set a language

On Android, you can use the createConfigurationContext method to load resources in the correct locale. This is especially important for users of screen readers.

val locales = LocaleList.forLanguageTags("nl-NL")
val configuration = baseContext.resources.configuration
val context = createConfigurationContext(configuration)

element.text = context.resources.getString(R.string.appt)



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