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Success Criterion 3.3.8 - Level AA

Accessible Authentication (Minimum)

A cognitive function test (such as remembering a password or solving a puzzle) is not required for any step in an authentication process unless that step provides at least one of the following:

  • Alternative : Another authentication method that does not rely on a cognitive function test.

  • Mechanism : A mechanism is available to assist the user in completing the cognitive function test.

  • Object Recognition : The cognitive function test is to recognize objects.

  • Personal Content : The cognitive function test is to identify non-text content the user provided to the website.

The purpose of this Success Criterion is to ensure there is an accessible, easy-to-use, and secure method to log in. Most Web sites rely on usernames and passwords for logging in. Memorizing or transcribing a username, password, or one-time verification code places a very high or impossible burden upon people with certain cognitive disabilities.



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