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Success Criterion 4.1.1 - Level A


Ensure the source code of the app does not contain any errors and does not use any deprecated functions. Assistive technologies may not behave as expected when code is not updated to modern standards. Adhere to the standards of the platforms which are supported. heck that the app works on all versions of the supported operating systems.


Users are excluded when an app does not work (properly) on their device.


Is the app technically well put together?

We recommend that you regularly perform an (external) code review.


Make use of linting

On Android you can use AndroidLint to improve the quality of your code.

Check if you are using outdated code. In Android Studio you can check this by selecting the following menu options:

  1. Kotlin

  2. Migration

  3. Usage of redundant or deprecated syntax or deprecated symbols

Avoid errors with automated testing. Follow the UI-testing guide for Android.

/AndroidSDK/tools/lint /project



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