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Success Criterion 4.1.3 - Level AA

Status Messages

Ensure that status messages are also passed to assistive technologies. A blind user cannot see new information appear on the screen. This includes error messages during input or loss of internet connection.


  • A blind users cannot see new information appear on the screen.

  • When showing new information, you must pass this along to assistive technologies.


“Are changes on the screen indicated by assistive technologies?“

This can be tested with the screen reader.


Use accessibility announcements

On Android, you can post an accessibility message by using the AccessibilityManager object. Create an AccessibilityEvent, set the type to AccessibilityEvent.TYPE_ANNOUNCEMENT and supply a message.

val type = AccessibilityEventCompat.TYPE_ANNOUNCEMENT

val event = AccessibilityEvent.obtain(type)
event.text.add("Appt announcement")
event.className =
event.packageName = packageName

val accessibilityManager = ContextCompat.getSystemService(this,

Use accessibility live region

On Android, a live region can be set by using the convience method setAccessibilityLiveRegion of ViewCompat. To interrupt ingoing speech, also known as being assertive, use ACCESSIBILITY_LIVE_REGION_ASSERTIVE. To wait for ongoing speech, also known as being polite, use ACCESSIBILITY_LIVE_REGION_POLITE.

// Interrupt ongoing speech
ViewCompat.setAccessibilityLiveRegion(view, ViewCompat.ACCESSIBILITY_LIVE_REGION_ASSERTIVE)

// Wait for ongoing speech
ViewCompat.setAccessibilityLiveRegion(view, ViewCompat.ACCESSIBILITY_LIVE_REGION_POLITE)



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