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Activating the zoom accessibility feature magnifies the entire screen or a part of the screen. It is in fact like looking at the screen through a magnifying glass. This feature is particularly handy when simply increasing the text size is not enough.

Our accessibility research reveals that 600,000 Dutch people use this setting.

Android has the magnification function. This is not quite comparable to zoom on iOS. On Android, you can activate a magnification shortcut. Unlike zoom on iOS, the entire screen is not immediately enlarged. The shortcut offers the possibility to zoom in considerably on the displayed content with a separate button, the volume buttons or by quickly tapping the screen three times. So it is a kind of magnifying glass that magnifies part of the screen. In addition, this magnifier can be moved over the screen with your fingers.


use zoom on iOS.


use magnification on Android.

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Accessibility features could also be aesthetically pleasing.


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