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Impairments caused by aging

Users experiencing age restrictions may suffer from multiple disabilities. Hearing and vision diminish, motor skills deteriorate, and the ability to learn decreases.

For hearing impaired users there is more and more the possibility to connect their hearing aid to the phone. Unfortunately, apps do not always take the desired audio settings into account.

Visually impaired users benefit from sharp icons and graphics, good contrast and the ability to enlarge the interface. By default, the last two options are built into phones. However, third party apps often do not support this.

For users who struggle to handle a phone, it is more difficult to use apps. It is not recommended to use decorative or irrelevant images in an app. In addition, it is important that navigating within an app is simple and with as few actions as possible. This can be made easier by using short sentences and recognizable icons. The use of colour can also help with this. In addition, apps may not transmit their audio to a paired hearing aid at all.

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