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Mobility impairments

Users with physical or motor disabilities often experience difficulties using apps that are not adapted for them.

It is possible to operate apps with only your voice via voice control. A grid appears on the screen with various numbers or labels. By speaking these numbers or labels you can perform certain actions.

Switch control makes it possible to operate a device with just one button. You can perform different actions via various switches that can be linked. For example, navigating through items on the screen and adjusting the sound level.

It also happens that people operate their phone via a keyboard. You can navigate in apps and perform actions using the keys. For example, via tab you jump to the next element. By pressing the spacebar you activate the element.

Another commonly used tool is the built-in voice assistant. By means of speech you can have your device perform all kinds of actions. Apps can respond to this by making actions available for the voice assistant. There are already many apps that make special promotions available, but most apps don't do this yet.

The dictation function is also a popular tool for entering text via speech. Unfortunately, there are many apps where it is not possible to enter text via dictation. For users with a motor disability, an app can sometimes be unusable at all.

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