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Accessibility label on Flutter

An accessibility label helps users of assistive technologies to identify elements on the screen. The accessibility label is conveyed to assistive technologies. Accessibility labels are announced by the screen reader and presented visually by voice control.

In Flutter, the semanticsLabel property is used as accessibility name.

You can also use the attributedLabel property for greater control over pronunciation. For example, spell out each character with SpellOutStringAttribute or set a language using LocaleStringAttribute.

For even more control, you can use the Semantics widget. For example, if you want to ignore the semantics of underlaying widgets, you can set the excludeSemantics attribute to true.

  semanticsLabel: 'Appt'

  label: 'Appt',
  attributedLabel: AttributedString('Appt', attributes: [
    SpellOutStringAttribute(range: const TextRange(start: 0, end: 3))
  excludeSemantics: true;


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