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Input keyboard type on Flutter

Setting the keyboard type for input fields helps user entering data. For example, if users need to enter a number, it helps to show a numeric keyboard. If users need to enter an e-mail address, it helps if the at-key (@) is shown. You should always set an appropriate keyboard type.

In Flutter, you can set a keyboard type by using the keyboardType property.

The following values are defined in TextInputType:

  • datetime: Keyboard optimized for entering date and time, iOS displays default keyboard.

  • emailAddress: Keyboard optimized for entering e-mail addresses.

  • multiline: Optimized for multiline text input, by having an enter key.

  • name: Keyboard optimized for inputting a person's name

  • none: Prevents the OS from displaying a keyboard.

  • number: Optimized for unsigned numerical input.

  • phone: Number keyboard with '*' and '#'.

  • streetAddress: Optimized for entering addresses, iOS displays default keyboard.

  • text: Optimized for text input.

  • url: Optimized keyboard for entering URLs with '/' and '.'.

  • visiblePassword: Keyboard with letters and numbers.

Example of using keyboardType:

  keyboardType: TextInputType.emailAddress,


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