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Live captions on Flutter

Captions should be provided in real-time to enable users to understand what is being said in live videos. The challenge with live captions is both organizational and technical. A captioner must be present who can provide live captions for the video by using suitable software.

On Flutter, the video_player package does not have support for captions in live videos. Issue #50595 has been opened to request support.

Other packages, like better_player, do have support for using captions on live video. The better_player documentation contains detailed information on how to do so.

BetterPlayerController controller = BetterPlayerController(
    const BetterPlayerConfiguration(
        controlsConfiguration: BetterPlayerControlsConfiguration(
        enableAudioTracks: true,
        enableSubtitles: true,
        liveStream: true,
        useAsmsSubtitles: true,

Widget build(BuildContext context) {
  return BetterPlayer(controller: controller);


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