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Success Criterion 1.4.11 - Level AA

Non-text Contrast

Ensure that content on the screen has a contrast ratio of at least 3:1. This includes graphical elements such as icons, input fields and the focus indicator. Also ensure that selected elements are clearly recognizable. Visually impaired and color blind users need to be able to distinguish content. This makes apps easier to use for everyone, for example outside in the sun.


  • For visually impaired people, sufficient contrast is important to be able to perceive all content.

  • Sufficient contrast makes an app easier for everyone to use. For example, if you want to use the phone in the sun.


"Is the contrast of content at least 3:1?"

You can take a screenshot of an app to determine the color codes and calculate the contrast. This can be done, for example, with the Contrast Checker of WebAIM.


Calculate contrast

On Android, you can use the Accessibility Scanner app to detect contrast issues automatically.

// No code required

Support dark mode

On Android, you can detect dark mode by checking if the uiMode configuration contains UI_MODE_NIGHT_MASK.

By adding -night resources to your project you can let Android automatically pick the right resources. For example, add a colors.xml file inside a values-night folder to specify night mode colors.

fun Context.isInNightMode(): Boolean {
    val nightModeFlags = resources.configuration.uiMode and Configuration.UI_MODE_NIGHT_MASK
    return nightModeFlags == Configuration.UI_MODE_NIGHT_YES



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