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Success Criterion 1.4.2 - Level A

Audio Control

Ensure that audio which lasts longer than three seconds can be paused or stopped. It is disturbing if audio cannot be paused, especially for people who use a screen reader. As a result, they can no longer hear the screen reader's voice properly. For people who have difficulty concentrating, it is also nice if audio can be paused. This allows them to focus better on the other information.


  • For screen reader users, it is disruptive to autoplay audio.

  • Autoplaying audio can disrupt people who have difficulty concentrating to process information.


“Can audio be controlled?“

This can be tested without the use of assistive technologies.


Always provide a pause or stop button when playing sound.

Add audio control

In Android apps, you should always be able to control audio. When using MediaPlayer, you should implement buttons to call the startpause and stop methods.

It is a best practice to play audio through the correct channel. Android has introduced AudioAttributes as a replacement of the STREAM types defined in AudioManager.

AudioAttributes defines the following content types:

AudioAttributes defines the following usages:

AudioManager defines the following legacy channels:

// Set audio attributes
val player = MediaPlayer()

// Provide media controls
button.setOnClickListener {
    if (player.isPlaying()) {
    } else {



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