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Success Criterion 2.4.1 - Level A

Bypass Blocks

Ensure content which is shown on multiple screens can be skipped. This is especially important for users of assistive technologies. With assistive technologies you usually navigate through the screen per element. If you have to navigate through repeated elements on every screen, this takes a lot of extra time.


A user with a keyboard must first go through a menu structure of several pages before he can read a news article. This costs him a lot of time every time.


“Is it possible to skip repeating content when using assistive technologies?“

This can be tested with a screen reader or keyboard access.

Note: this success criterion is exempt for apps in EN 301 549 and Section 508.


Support content skipping

On Android, skipping content is mostly relevant to TalkBack users. TalkBack includes a local context menu which allows users to jump to the following content types:

  • Headings

  • Links

  • Controls

  • Text

    • Paragraphs

    • Lines

    • Characters

    • Words

Jumping to headings and links is used most often.

Provide appropriate accessibility markup to your content by using ViewCompat and AccessibilityNodeInfoCompat.

// Mark headings
ViewCompat.setAccessibilityHeading(heading, true)

// Mark links



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