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Success Criterion 2.4.6 - Level AA

Headings and Labels

Ensure headings and labels are descriptive.

Descriptive headings are important to understand how the content is constructed. Blind users can navigate through headings using a screen reader.

Descriptive labels help users identify content. Voice control users speak the labels to perform actions.


  • Blind users can request an overview of all headings on the screen via their screen reader. These headings should be self-explanatory.

  • Ensure the labels are linked to the input fields. This allows the screen reader to read the label and input field to users simultaneously.


Is the information on the screen clearly described by headings and labels?"

This can be tested with the screen reader.


Add descriptive headings

On Android, headers created with TextView can be changed with the setText method.

header.text = "Descriptive header"
ViewCompat.setAccessibilityHeading(header, true)

Add descriptive labels

On Android, labels created with TextView can be changed with the setText method.

label.text = "Descriptive label"



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