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Adjustable timing on Xamarin

Everyone, including people with disabilities, should have adequate time to interact with your app. People with disabilities may require more time to interact with your app. If certain functions are time-dependent, it will be difficult for some users to finish in time. If content is shown for a limited time, users might not finish reading in time. It should be possible for users to increase time limits, or ideally, disable all time limits.

In Xamarin, the SnackBar view from the Xamarin.CommunityToolkit is often used to display temporary messages. The display duration might be too short for people to read or hear the message.

When using SnackBar, set the Duration to Int32.MaxValue. Or, use DisplayAlert method to show an alert instead.

Also make sure that the use of time limits, e.g. by using Timer, can be extended.

var result = await page.DisplaySnackBarAsync("Appt", "Close", async () =>
    { /* Action */ },


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