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Screen orientation on Xamarin

Apps should adapt to the preferred display orientation of the user. Most apps restrict the screen to portrait orientation, but they should also support landscape orientation. Some users have their devices mounted in a fixed orientation (e.g. on the arm of a wheelchair). Therefore, apps need to support both orientations.

When using Xamarin.Forms, device orientation is set at the project level.

  • For Android: open MainActivity.cs and decorate the MainActivity class with [Activity (ScreenOrientation = ScreenOrientation.FullUser)].

  • For iOS: open Info.plist and check all Device Orientation checkboxes.

You can listen to orientation changes by using the DeviceDisplay class included in Xamarin.Essentials.

public class OrientationChanges
    public OrientationChanges()
        // Subscribe to changes of screen metrics
        DeviceDisplay.MainDisplayInfoChanged += OnMainDisplayInfoChanged;

    void OnMainDisplayInfoChanged(object sender, DisplayInfoChangedEventArgs  e)
        // Process changes
        var displayInfo = e.DisplayInfo;


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